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updated 5:40 PM UTC, Apr 16, 2017

types of committees

Types of Parliamentary Committees 

Tanzania Parliament possesses an organised system of committees which comprises standing committees and Select Committees.

  1. Steering committee
  2. Parliamentary Powers, Privileges and Ethics Committee
  3. Parliamentary Standing Orders Committee
  4. Economic Affairs, Industries and Trade Committee
  5. Constitution, Legal Affairs and Governance Committee
  6. Regional Administration and Local Governments Committee
  7. Social Services Committee
  8. Community Development Committee
  9. Economic Infrastructures Committee
  10. Lands, Natural Resources and Environments Committee
  11. Agriculture, Livestock and Water Committee
  12. Defense and Security Committee
  13. Energy and Minerals Committee
  14. Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Committee
  15. HIV/AIDS Committee
  16. Budget Committee
  17. Public Accounts Committee
  18. Local Authority Accounts Committee

Ad Hoc or Select Committees

Select or Ad hoc committees as commonly referred to in Parliamentary practices are those which are constituted by the House or the Speaker to consider and report on specific matters and become functions officio as soon as they have completed their work on